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Pool Supplies serving Maine

At our retail store, we carry a full line of pool supplies for all of your needs. From covers and floats to games and so much more, you will find everything you need for your pool all in one location.

In order to do proper pool maintenance, you will need top-of-the-line cleaning chemicals and pool supplies to ensure your pool is always sparkling and has a proper pH balance for the safety of your swimmers. We at The Pool Shed carry our own line of chemicals made specifically for our customers. Our chemicals will ensure that your pool is always clean and ready to use.
Pool Supplies Maine

Some of our pool chemicals include:

  • Chlorine: This product, our 99% TRI-CHLOR help sanitize your pool, stopping algae and bacteria growth.
  • Liquid Shock: This item boosts chlorine without hurting the vinyl liner.
  • Algaecide-60: This product is used to keep algae from growing and returning.
  • Algaecide QLF: This algaecide is highly effective on green and pink algae.
  • Super Clear: Use this product as a regular maintenance item - please do not over use!
  • Water Testing: We offer free water testing. Bring your water in and we will make sure your water is perfect! 
With these pools supplies, we can help keep your pool crystal clear! Call us today for ask about our pool maintenance programs.
Free Delivery Available:

Did you know that you can get our pool supplies delivered to your home for no extra charge? With an order of $100 or more in Southern Maine, including Cumberland and York Counties, we will deliver your supplies for no charge. Please give us a two-day notice to ensure a timely delivery, and be sure to call us with any questions you may have.
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