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Pool Service serving Maine 

We offer quality swimming pool services and pool maintenance programs.

Pool Maintenance: The Pool Shed offers professional pool maintenance for residential and commercial in-ground swimming pools. Our services include vacuuming, chemical balancing, and washing vinyl walls, and we also take a pool sample back to our store to be analyzed. Residential customers can also take advantage of our bi-monthly program for regular maintenance. We can also help you with pool opening and closings!

Cleanings & Other Pool Services & Supplies

Pool Cleaning: Keeping your pool clean does a lot more than just make it look nice. By keeping your pool clean, you will stay ahead of any micro-bacterial or algae growth in the water, meaning you won’t need to use as many chemicals. Keeping debris out of your pool will help the filters function properly and won’t clog up your system. Our experts can provide you with a full pool cleaning service, so give us a call today!
Pool Repair: If any part of your pool is leaking, you need repair work, and you need it fast. We can find the source of the leak and repair it quickly, sometimes without even having to drain the entire pool. No matter what type of pool repair you need, you can count on the experts at The Pool Shed to correct the problem swiftly and affordably.

Pumps: Your pool pump is essential to circulate, clean, and filter the water in your pool. When your pump goes down, your pool water will stagnate and algae will begin growing quickly. Our pool experts can fix or replace your pump and have the water flowing properly in your pool.

Filters: Filters are an important part of your pump system, as they work hard to keep your pool clean. They should be changed every year or so, though that can vary depending on a number of issues. If you have a lot of people over and use your pool often, you may need more frequent filter replacement. We can take a look at your filter and replace the cartridge if necessary, while also offering you special tips on how to safely prolong the life of your filter.

Pool Liners: You need a proper pool liner to keep the water in the pool and to also protect the structure of your pool. We can clean your pool liner, or when the inevitable finally comes, we can replace your pool liner quickly and offer several ways that you can protect your liner to get more life out of it.

Our Service Area: We offer pool service for residential and commercial pools in the Southern Maine area, as well as York and Cumberland counties. We also offer free delivery in these areas when placing an order with The Pool Shed for $100 or more. To ensure a timely delivery, please give us a two-day notice. Our trucks are traveling to Portland, Falmouth, Cape Elizabeth, Westbrook, Gorham, Saco, Biddeford, and Kennebunk (and all points in between) on a daily basis – so you will be sure to receive your service or product within a short time frame.

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